Tuesday, December 29, 2009

January 1st 2010 12:00:00 midnight - The Beginning Of A New Decade

Well guys, this is the last blog I'm writing in this decade 2000-2009. On 31st December night, all of us will be partying like we used to do on other ten 31st Decembers. But on this 1st January 12:00:00 midnight, we would be welcoming a new decade in our lives- 2010-2019.
But if you rewind back to 1st January,2000. This is quite amazing to note that we achieved many things, lost something, discovered a new way to make our lives easier and much more. From match fixing scandal to 9/11 WTC attacks, from Gujarat riots to the invention of I-pod, from Ambani brothers' war to Tsunami on 12/26, from Indo-US nuclear deals to the beginning of recession, from India becoming T20 cricket champions to the birth of Indian Premier League, From 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks to the launch of the world's cheapest car, Tata Nano. From the Flopenhagen(It's actually Copenhagen, media has given this term because this summit failed) summit to Slumdog Millionaire stealing the show at Oscars by sweeping almost all the awards, all the wonders happened this decade.
Truly saying this decade was like duniya ki kahani mein twist(the twist in the story of the world). This decade we all made too many discoveries, too many inventions, too many achievements etc. etc. etc.
Now the focus turns on the upcoming decade which is just 48 hrs away. You all must have seen or heard about the movies "2012" and "Avatar". Well, 2012 depicts that the world would end on 21st December 2012. If you ask me about this, I would say that this is all methods to make you a victim of this hoax. And now to Avatar. This movie is based in the year 2031 which proves that all izz well!!!!So keep a positive mind and start a fresh, new life everyday with fulfilling your wishes, living life to the very best, being happy and making others happy with what you do. Remember there are two types of persons in this world- Good persons who do good deeds and bad persons who do false deeds, so be the first one and the world would appreciate you.
So we hope that the coming decade will be kahani mein mahatwist( a huge twist in the story) for you, your family and for the whole world and the mankind.
Wishing you and your family a very, very Happy and prosperous New Year!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009


HI guys,

After many days(I must say months), I'm back to blogging!!! Since these 1 to 2 months, we were stuck hectic schedule in which a cluster of marraiges, school events, exams(THANK GOD THEY ARE ALL OVER NOW!!!), that is why I could not find much time to write blogs.

So finally I decided that I will write blogs keeping in view the latest headlines in media or any issue which is in the limelight.
All of us very well know what is mainly being highlighted these days and the whole world is agitiated with it. You must have guessed by now that I'm talking about Swine Flu Breakout.

Swine flu is an H1N1 virus that is believed to be originated from swines since they had this flu. The first case of swine flu came in Mexico in March this year. The world never knew that this disaese would soon spread globally and would become the cause of many people's death. This flu is communicable and could be spread by cough, sneeze,touching and keeping contact with an person infected by swine flu. This generally starts with cough, fever, running nose, high temperature and pain or some unfeelingness in the throat. If you don't have a immedate check-up, it can prove to be fatal. It generally attacks your immune system. People who have died due to this flu were diabetic or were struggling with respiratory problems. Once the virus grows over in your body, it will prove to be more dangerous than the HIV virus.

Now coming to the point that how will we protect ourselves from this could-be-deadly disease............

First of all we should remember NOT TO PANIC. It is a curable disease in its initial stage. We should not loiter much in crowded areas. Another fact is that by eating pork meat, you would not get this disease. After coming home from work or from crowded place, you should make it a point to wash your hands properly. It is also advisable to drink lemonade. It is very important to keep your immune system strong by exercising and eating healthy food and not having excessive sweets. And the most important point to be noted....... If you feel the symptoms of this disease, then immedietaly consult a doctor and also have your household members checked up. If you are much concerned about others, then spread awareness among others and have group discussion about this disease and how to save yourself from it.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The White Tiger

Review "THE WHITE TIGER" by Arvind Adiga, Booker Prize Winner
HI guys,
After many days(i mean 2 say months!!), i'm back to blogging. The busy schedule had caught up with me and so i couldn't find time to write a blog.
Recently luckily I layed my hands on this book 'The White Tiger'.Here is the review and the plot-HAPPY READING!!!
Balram Halwai is the White Tiger of the book's title - a title he earns by virtue of being deemed the smartest boy in his village, a community deep in the "Darkness" of rural India. Balram is the son of a rickshaw-puller; his family is too poor for him to be able to finish school, and instead he has to work in a teashop, breaking coals and wiping tables. Through these experiences, Balram learns much about the world and later states that the streets of India provided him with all the education he needed. Later, Balram gets his break when a rich man hires him as a chauffeur, and takes him to live in Delhi. The city is a revelation. As he drives his master to shopping malls and call centers, Balram becomes increasingly aware of immense wealth and opportunity all around him, while knowing that he will never be able to gain access to that world. As Balram broods over his situation, he realizes that there is only one way he can become part of this glamorous new India - to murder his employer.
The novel takes the form of a series of letters written late at night by Balram to Wen Jiabao, the Premier of the State Council of the People's Republic of China. In the letters, Balram describes his rise from lowly origins to his current position as an entrepreneur in Bangalore, as well as his views on India's caste system and its political corruption.
The characters were very true to the point, espcially the characters like Balram, Ashok. Some phases would leave you dumbstruck and shocked. The writer has discovered Delhi in a very excellent manner. KUDOS TO THE WRITER FOR GIVING US SUCH A NICE NOVEL!!!
****1/2 stars

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six Suspects

The book "SIX SUSPECTS" is written by Vikas Swarup who has also written Q and A(Slumdog Millionaire!!!! based on the book). It is a semi-fiction novel( why??? in the 3rd para)
The story is about a boy Vivek "Vicky" Rai, a playboy son of Uttar Pradesh home minister Jagannath Rai who had shot a girl Ruby gill at a trendy restaurant in New Delhi just because she refused to serve a drink to him. Later Vicky is arrested and after the trail on him, he is accquited.
Later on the night he throws up a party to celebrate his accquital, he is killed at his farmhouse. Later six persons were found having a gun in their possession while the guests were being checked. Who were those Six Suspects??? What they were doing at that party???
Although I've not read his othetr book Q and A, but still this novel was excellent and had lot of thriller which is a key part of the story. If you get your hands on this book, surely read it and I am telling you, you'll enjoy this.
****1/2 stars (Superb)
cheers and HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Very Sad!!!!!

As all of us know that some days ago, on 4th March, Sri Lankan Cricket Team was attacked by another bunch of good-for-nothing terrorists. Luckily, all were safe(except some cops. WE SALUTE THEM FOR THEIR SACRIFICE). But another worry was that some players got injured, especially Thilan Samaraweera(do u know him????) on whom the bullet struck on his chest.

It is very sad to hear that after the 11/26 attacks, another attack has been taken place, although not very major. But still it is a shame moment for the terrorism-struck Pakistan as the terror attacks are occuring on daily basis. It has not only affected Sri-Lanka. But has also shaken India as a major issue of what would happen next???

The problem in Pakistan is that the government there are not trying their best to find the terrorists who are freely moving and causing too much havoc. My opinion is that they should somehow urgently stop those senseless and mindless activities otherwise the coming time would be such a burden to them which can never be lifted.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are We Moving Towards The West??

In my today's blog, I want to share something with you. You must have noticed it around you, in your home or in yourself. Westernization. We or you or any other must noticed today's youth in western fashion, living western, behaving western and much more. I've even noticed it, maybe more than you.
Let me come to the point, I can say that the indian youths are slowly moving towards the west, which simply means that we are getting adopted to these western lifestyle. Even this is happenning same with the people between 30-60 years. But in this process, we are slowly forgetting that we live in the motherland India where tourists from other countries die to come to see the culturally-rich country. The people of this generation just get bored or freaked about Indian cultures like Indian ritu-riwaz(traditions). We are just headig towards the western lifestyles without even looking back.
Remember, however westernized you are, just be a true Indian and always praise Indian cultures and feel proud about it because our cultures is totally different from the whole world.
So, in the end I would say
Jai hind!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Night @ The Call centre

Recently I got to read the book "One Night @ Call Centre" again written by Chetan Bhagat.
The story goes to the year 2004 winter when a writer meets a young lady in a train compartment. She tells him a story about six people working in a call centre. One night they recieve a call, But it was not an ordinary call. It was a call from GOD.
The book was a good one. But the problem with the book was that it contained of some pages which had talks related to the call centre.
But still I enjoyed reading it. Although a bit lower than THREE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE. But still it was a worth-reading novel
***3/4 stars - very good

Monday, February 2, 2009

Three Mistakes of My Life

Recently I got to read the book written by Chetan Bhagat 'THREE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE' which was released in May 2008. The story revolves around a boy called Govind who was living in Ahemdabad with his very close friends Ishant(Ish) and Omi. All of them were fans of cricket(cric buffs) who used to watch every match which India played, especially Ish. By getting inspired by this sport, for their earning, they opened a cricket shop. But in this way, the trio had to face every difficulty-religion, politics, unacceptable love etc.
I had read all three books written by Chetan Bhagat. But the best one was this one.
The novel was very well written except few abuses but still the rest was fascinating. I specially liked the Govind and Ish's character. A WORTH READING BOOK IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT PRESENT INDIA.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Say NO to Terrorism

A family is watching their favourite television programs in evening. Suddenly they come to know about blasts in Mumbai and they switch over to the news channels and surfed all of them. Later the whole family discusses about it and express their anger and felt sorry and bad for the people who died or were injured and who had lost their loved ones in the blast. Later in the night they go to sleep and the next day everone forgets about the blasts.
This is the condition of India. Bomb blasts and riots have become like a daily routine. Terrorists are not cared about anyone and they just do these types of sin to show the government their power or blackmailing them for some or other reason. By luck somtimes some of the terrorists are caught but later it seems that everyone has forgotten about it. Due to the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai recently, there are chances of a war with Pakistan.
These types of activities is a type of foolishness and even after all the religion books say that bloodshed is a sin. The terrorists are not caring about it and continuosly killing small children and womens. The protest carried out by the public in my view is a waste of time. What would they get from it???
So the best and the only way is to avoid religious interferences and unneccesary comments on religion . If we follow this way, automatically terrorism will stop.
So lets join hands to say NO to terrorism!!!!!!!