Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Are We Moving Towards The West??

In my today's blog, I want to share something with you. You must have noticed it around you, in your home or in yourself. Westernization. We or you or any other must noticed today's youth in western fashion, living western, behaving western and much more. I've even noticed it, maybe more than you.
Let me come to the point, I can say that the indian youths are slowly moving towards the west, which simply means that we are getting adopted to these western lifestyle. Even this is happenning same with the people between 30-60 years. But in this process, we are slowly forgetting that we live in the motherland India where tourists from other countries die to come to see the culturally-rich country. The people of this generation just get bored or freaked about Indian cultures like Indian ritu-riwaz(traditions). We are just headig towards the western lifestyles without even looking back.
Remember, however westernized you are, just be a true Indian and always praise Indian cultures and feel proud about it because our cultures is totally different from the whole world.
So, in the end I would say
Jai hind!!

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