Thursday, January 8, 2009

Say NO to Terrorism

A family is watching their favourite television programs in evening. Suddenly they come to know about blasts in Mumbai and they switch over to the news channels and surfed all of them. Later the whole family discusses about it and express their anger and felt sorry and bad for the people who died or were injured and who had lost their loved ones in the blast. Later in the night they go to sleep and the next day everone forgets about the blasts.
This is the condition of India. Bomb blasts and riots have become like a daily routine. Terrorists are not cared about anyone and they just do these types of sin to show the government their power or blackmailing them for some or other reason. By luck somtimes some of the terrorists are caught but later it seems that everyone has forgotten about it. Due to the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai recently, there are chances of a war with Pakistan.
These types of activities is a type of foolishness and even after all the religion books say that bloodshed is a sin. The terrorists are not caring about it and continuosly killing small children and womens. The protest carried out by the public in my view is a waste of time. What would they get from it???
So the best and the only way is to avoid religious interferences and unneccesary comments on religion . If we follow this way, automatically terrorism will stop.
So lets join hands to say NO to terrorism!!!!!!!

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  1. Great post Karthik. Appreciate your level of thinking!