Friday, November 15, 2013



Quite a word, isn't it? This word was literally ringing in my head for some time so then a thought struck my mind. Why don’t I dedicate one whole post to this word? And in this post, I will remind you of the part the word plays in your daily life.
OK then, for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Procrastination means ‘postponing things one should be doing’. And well, we can see a lot of real life examples around us including ourselves. Just think for a moment, have you given your clothes for laundry? Have you shaved? Have you finished your assignment? When do we have to start studying for an upcoming test?
Well, the things I've mentioned above, majority of the people prefer postponing them for a later time and end up doing all of them at the last minute . For instance, because I’m writing this post, I've postponed a lot of things which aren't worth talking about right now. But then the main question arises? Why do we procrastinate?
I’m not asking the question to you. Rather you should ask this question to yourself. Why?
Well according to me, Procrastination happens when we are emotionally or physically drained or maybe you can even say that we are lazy by nature. Once this bug (read procrastination) bites us, Newton’s First Law takes us down. The object, which in this case is nothing but us, tends to remain at rest unless an external force acts on it. The main problem is that we lose interest in doing that one work and ultimately end up delaying a lot of things and do things which in the first place are totally avoidable. Stress, anxiety and tension are also the major reasons why we procrastinate and it’s damn true. I've experienced it myself infinite number of times and due to that, I've faced a lot of trouble later on. Lack of motivation to do something is another reason why we avoid doing things.
So then, what’s the solution for keeping this bug away from us?
It’s pretty simple but people choose to dump this one hell of an idea- Get your ass up and start exercising your body. Now you get it? But nowadays, most of the people don’t (By the way, all the credit goes to Television, Facebook and other nonsense stuff we keep looking into). Exercise is a very important part of one’s life and it keeps all your worries at bay as well as increases your productivity level as well as make you feel like doing all the pending work you have. Balanced diet is another important thing which would keep your energy level high and then, your to-do-list is completed effortlessly. And one more thing, never lose hope. Keep yourself motivated no matter what circumstances you are in.

In the end, I’d say one thing to all those who procrastinate- Don’t make the saying ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ into reality. I’ll prefer keeping it out of my life.


  1. Well said Karthik. I am going to follow do you.

    Nice write up, keep it up.

  2. Loved this post Kartik. My little one has grown big and mature to think big. I wish I was near you to give a big hug. Well done! Continue with your good job