Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Six Suspects

The book "SIX SUSPECTS" is written by Vikas Swarup who has also written Q and A(Slumdog Millionaire!!!! based on the book). It is a semi-fiction novel( why??? in the 3rd para)
The story is about a boy Vivek "Vicky" Rai, a playboy son of Uttar Pradesh home minister Jagannath Rai who had shot a girl Ruby gill at a trendy restaurant in New Delhi just because she refused to serve a drink to him. Later Vicky is arrested and after the trail on him, he is accquited.
Later on the night he throws up a party to celebrate his accquital, he is killed at his farmhouse. Later six persons were found having a gun in their possession while the guests were being checked. Who were those Six Suspects??? What they were doing at that party???
Although I've not read his othetr book Q and A, but still this novel was excellent and had lot of thriller which is a key part of the story. If you get your hands on this book, surely read it and I am telling you, you'll enjoy this.
****1/2 stars (Superb)
cheers and HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Very Sad!!!!!

As all of us know that some days ago, on 4th March, Sri Lankan Cricket Team was attacked by another bunch of good-for-nothing terrorists. Luckily, all were safe(except some cops. WE SALUTE THEM FOR THEIR SACRIFICE). But another worry was that some players got injured, especially Thilan Samaraweera(do u know him????) on whom the bullet struck on his chest.

It is very sad to hear that after the 11/26 attacks, another attack has been taken place, although not very major. But still it is a shame moment for the terrorism-struck Pakistan as the terror attacks are occuring on daily basis. It has not only affected Sri-Lanka. But has also shaken India as a major issue of what would happen next???

The problem in Pakistan is that the government there are not trying their best to find the terrorists who are freely moving and causing too much havoc. My opinion is that they should somehow urgently stop those senseless and mindless activities otherwise the coming time would be such a burden to them which can never be lifted.